Prescription Pickup Options

Prescription Pickup Options

To help you with accessing your prescriptions, we now offer three ways to choose from, outside of going into the pharmacy.

Contactless Delivery

Your prescriptions can now be delivered to your home within 10 miles for a $10 fee per order.

Curbside Pickup or Drive-thru

We now offer curbside pickup or drive-thru at all our pharmacy locations. If your pharmacy does not have a drive-thru, use the designated Pharmacy Curbside parking stalls and call the pharmacy number on the sign. Curbside Pickup is available from 11 am until 3 pm daily

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Fresh Market Layton - LAYTONXXX
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Fresh Market Ogden - OGDENXXX
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Mail Order

We can now mail your prescriptions to your house for a flat $5 fee.

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How is the order placed? Notify the pharmacy team that you would like to choose delivery. Once the prescription is filled and ready to be dispensed, the pharmacy team will contact the patient to verify delivery information and collect the copay and delivery fee.


  1. How do I choose curbside pickup? When a patient comes to pick-up a prescription, they can park in any available designated “Pharmacy Curbside Pick-Up" parking spot. The patient will call the pharmacy (phone number on the Pharmacy Curbside Pick-Up sign) and the let the pharmacy team know they are wanting to pick up a prescription and waiting in the curbside pick-up area. The patient will let the pharmacy team member know which stall they are in using the letter assigned to the stall (A or B). The pharmacy team will collect the necessary information for your order. A team member will then deliver the medications to you at your car and collect copay amounts
  2. What are the Curbside pickup times? This service is offered every day the pharmacy is open from 11am-3pm. Please contact the pharmacy to make special arrangements.

Mail order

  1. How is the order placed? The patient needs to notify the pharmacy team they would like the prescription(s) mailed to them. This can be done when the patient requests the prescription(s) to be filled or you can contact them after your order is complete.
  2. What is the timeline? Deliveries are picked up Monday through Friday at 10am by the USPS and delivered by First Class mail. Mail order is offered during regular pharmacy hours and delivered during regular USPS delivery times.
  3. Is it trackable mail? Yes. Patients will need to provide an email address to track their package.
  4. How soon is it mailed after it’s ordered? It will be mailed the next business day.