Local Produce, Healthy Produce

Jul 14, 2022, 11:59:20 PM

Eating local produce has many advantages, not only is it tastier, but it is also healthier. Ripe fruits and vegetables freshly picked contain the most nutrients. The minute fruits and vegetables are picked their plant cells begin to shrink and their nutrients begin to diminish. Supermarket produce that is not local still holds nutritional value however, the amount of nutritional value is less than local produce due to the time it takes from being picked, packaged, transported, and into our stores. Our local farmers can harvest ripe fruits and vegetables and deliver them to ours stores within days of picking them giving us food rich in color, flavor, and the highest nutritional value possible. Another benefit when buying local produce is eating in season. The natural cycle of produces is perfect for our health, providing us with a variety of fruits and vegetables all year round. Explore the local produce section today and fuel your body with the nutrition it needs to remain healthy and strong!

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