Our Local Farmers

Bangerter Farms

In 1902 Bangerter farms started when Nicklas Bangerter purchased 10 acres for a family farm in Bountiful, Utah. The farm continues today with Alan Bangerter and his sons managing the family business. Bangerter Farms has grown some of the state's best corn, radishes, zucchini and other vegetables for six generations.

Hagerman Canyon Farms

Hagerman Canyon Farms is nestled down in the Snake River canyon in the Famous Hagerman valley. David Jentzsch, started growing watermelons when he was 17 and sold them on the side of the road for the summer. He continued to grow and sell melons to put himself through college. Now David, his wife Laci and 2 kids Carter and Brooke, ship watermelon and cantaloupe throughout Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Nevada. All melons are hand-picked and shipped directly to the store, so they are sweet, fresh and local.

Neilsen/Pace Farms

Location: Parma, Idaho

In 1947, Lawrence and Marjorie Pace moved to the fertile Treasure Valley of Idaho and began farming near the Snake River, transforming the sagebrush into viable, and productive fields. Several years later he was joined on the farm by his son-in-law, Mel Nielsen. Together, they became premium farmers and built a legacy where their posterity could be taught hard work and strong morals. Now operated by three of Mel’s sons, Pace-Nielsen Farms has diversified its crop portfolio and adopted new technologies to improve the sustainability of the land and enhance crop nutrition. Among many other crops, we produce onions, sugar beets, and the increasingly popular Nielsen Brothers Watermelon. Along with continuing to provide quality produce for our customers, we strive to uphold the legacy that has been left for us to improve upon.

Hartley's Best Onions

Hartley's Best Onions was started in 1978 by Blaine Hartley. Today it is owned and operated by Trent B. Hartley. They have locations in Salt Lake City, Syracuse and Corrinne, Utah and specialize in yellow, red, white and sweet onions and other various produce items.

Symms Fruit Ranch

Location: Caldwell, Idaho

Bio: Founded in 1914 as an 80-acre homestead with 8 acers of fruit, Symms Fruit Ranch has grown to over 5200 acers of family-owned orchards & farmland. Now operated and managed by 4th and 5th generation family members, the ranch is located on the fertile hillsides of the Sunny Slope Region in Southwest Idaho near Caldwell. Our orchards grow in rich volcanic soils overlooking the powerful Snake River and bounded by the rugged Owyhee Mountains where warm days and cool nights produce some of the highest quality and most flavorful fruit in the Northwest.


Layne and Kenny McFarland are proud to carry on the multi-generation farming tradition in West Weber, Utah that began in 1859. Layne started growing fresh market produce in 1987 and quickly became known for growing high-quality produce. Layne and Kenny now farm over 200 acres and produce over four million pounds of fresh market vegetables every year. They specialize in growing sweet corn, onions, squash, and pumpkins for families across Utah.

Mountainland Apples

Mountainland Apples was formed as a grower cooperative in 1983. Growers in southern Utah County decided to work together and build a facility to provide up-to-date storage and packing capabilities. All of their farms are owned and managed by multi-generational families and grow most apple varieties along with sweet cherries, apricots, peaches and nectarines.

Nature Jims Sprouts

Nature Jim's Sprouts has an indoor hydroponic farm located in the beautiful Salt Lake Valley. The Reynolds family has grown sprouts and micro greens since the 1950s and is one of the oldest growers of sprouts in the United States. The farm has been run by three generations of family. They grow alfalfa, radish, broccoli, clover, wheat grass and three-bean mix.

Ogden Bay

It all started in 1909 when Hyrum Peterson purchased 200 acres in Taylor, Utah. He saw an advertisement in a magazine that farmers were starting vegetable transplants in a shoe box and thought to give this new concept a try. The sandy loam soil of Taylor made a beautiful seed bed and he found himself very successful. Ogden Bay is now in its fourth generation and currently grows over 100 acres of produce growing over 2.7 million pounds of produce across Northern Utah and surrounding states.

East Farms

East Farms was founded in 1997 by Jeremy and Shay East. Jeremy grew up farming on his grandfather's vegetable farm in Bountiful. East Farm is based out of Layton, Utah and farms over 400 acres in Davis and Weber counties. They grow a wide array of conventional and organic vegetables.


Tagge Farms was founded in 1997 when Thayne and Cari Tagge bought their first orchard in Brigham City, Utah. Since then they have planted a wide variety of Willard Bay blackberries, cherries, raspberries, apricots, apples, plums, pears, and all types of vegetables and are proud to be a first generation farming family.

Thayns Melons

Thayns is a farm that began in the small town of Wellington, Utah. They grew hay, corn, barley and had cattle. After a move to Green River, Utah they expanded into that area's famous Green River Melons. The father and son operation includes help from grandchildren, daughters, and terrific hired help.