Giving Can Be Healthy

Jan 26, 2023, 8:03:48 PM

It’s a no brainer that giving helps others, but did you know it helps you as well? That warm and fuzzy feeling is not just a “good vibe”, research shows it can boost your physical and mental health.

When you donate your time or items to help others when they need it the most your brain secretes “feel good chemicals” that include serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. These chemicals help regulate your mood, provides a sense of pleasure, and helps connect with others. 

Research shows other benefits include lower blood pressure, a longer life span, less stress, improved self-esteem, and positive mood with lower depression. We all know that it can be hard to donate at times, especially in today’s world and economic circumstances. Even the smallest action or donation goes a long way and knowing that giving comes full circle makes it a no brainer! Make your community the best it can while improving your health at the same time!